Tabula Rasa

Tabula Rasa

Hind: 360,00 €


"Tabula Rasa" comes from Latin, meaning "clean slate" in translation.  In a filosophical sence it bears the idea that all people start off blank  and build their character through perception and experience. This would mean that everybody has an equal chance to shape their life and future, at least that's what we would like to think. 

Aegaon "Tabula Rasa" is a pure classic design with a Scandinavian touch, freshened by the tradition-breaking position of the crown giving it a modern twist and more comfort on the wrist. Clear visual is guaranteed by the sapphire optics, which takes the sharpness of a diamond to leave a scratch mark. Inside a brushed stainless steel casing You will find a high quality Swiss movement "Ronda 715" which is known for its ability to withstand some beating and of course its precision.

We designed it for all who seek alternative to the conventional classics. So wear a suit or be casual with Your heart painted on your sleeve, "Tabula Rasa" will bring out Your true character eather way.

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Weight: 83g.
Case Dimensions:
 44MM x 10.5MM

Case Material: brushed stainless steel
Optics: sapphire crystal 
Water Resistant: 5ATM
Strap: black leather with black stitching
Type: electronic quartz movement
Description: high quality Swiss made electronic movement with five jewel seatings. 371 style battery.
Reason to choose: the excellent value of a quartz movement cannot be beaten. Although there is the undeniable charm of owning a mechanical watch, with quartz You get dependable timekeeping, a low hassle experience and a level of quality synonymous with Swiss made.
Movement origin: Switzerland
Warranty: 2 years

Hind: 360,00 €



Wrist watch is a product, that needs taking care of and its using should be based on the use of care principles. Careless handling can cause damage to the casing, sapphire glass and watch movement. Setting the time in a damp environment is prohibited and violating this warning may cause humidity damage inside the watch. Wearing the watch in hot and damp rooms like the sauna is prohibited due to the risk of losing water resistance, that may lead to breaking of the movement.


Sales-warranty applies to the watch movement and defects of the manufacturer and is valid 2 years after the date of purchase. Sales warranty does not cover: 1) Damage of the casing, sapphire glass and watch battery due to misuse of the watch. 2) The watch is opened by an unqualified person. 3) There is no watch certificate. 4) Water and sauna damages.


We ask You to inform Aegaon Watches on

about sending in the watch for service with a most detailed description of the damage or the possible cause of it, after which Aegaon Watches will inform You of the further steps on how to transport the watch.


Clean the watch regularly with a soft and moist cloth of the exterior dirt. Let only a qualified clocksmith change the battery. All other works that require opening of the watch should be done only by Aegaon Watches specialist.



Normal everyday water contact is allowed.

Splash, light rain, hand washing etc.


Shower, bath, sauna etc.


Swimming, water sports, etc.





Setting the time
–Gently pull out the crown to the second position (2), then set the time. After the procedure push the crown back in to the first position (1).
* see the drawing.


Winding the watch
–Leave the crown in the first position (1) and turn it clockwise 15-20 rounds. Give the watch a little shake, which will start the watch.

Setting the time–Gently pull out the crown to the third position (3) and set the time. Push the crown back in to the first position (1).

Setting the dateMake sure the crown is in the first position before You proceed. Gently pull the crown to the second position (2). Only turn the crown counter clockwise to set the date. Push the crown back in to the first position (1) after the procedure. Don't change the date during 9:00PM–04:00 AM, because this may prevent the date to change on the following day.

* See the drawing