All the great watch companies have been around for centuries, making watches the way people have gotten used to. Aegaon is combining their knowledge with modern science for best possible quality and unique designs, to serve those who seek something different. We have spent countless hours filing, brushing and polishing our cases one by one by hand, as they come out of the most precise CNC cutting machine, working together with some of the greatest craftsmen and universities to experiment with new materials and technologies.




We are inspired by the superpowers of the individual – their ideas, talents, dreams and their determination of making it all real. You know that politician who is also a talented musician. Lawyer who is actually a beloved writer. Or that always busy businessman, who could be a better friend and more caring father to his children. We encourage you to take your time for what matters the most.




We are in pursuit of timeless designs so following trends is not an option. Aegaon watches must suit our viking forefathers of the past and grandchildren in the future. We are on a constant quest to improve our designs to be even more withstanding to time and damage. The precision of Aegaon watches is guaranteed by well known Swiss, Japan and other reputed manufacturers.





There were hints of Estonian watchmaking just before the outbreak of WWII. We have conducted the biggest dig into the past on this subject, to be sure we could refer to Aegaon as the first Estonian watchmaker. We have even gone as far as to look up the only living successor to Mari Riimaste, who was a known goldsmith and Swiss watch reseller in the late 1930’s. However, according to the grandchild of Mrs. Riimaste, she never designed or assembled any watches of her own nor was there ever an August Riimaste, whose name has mistakenly popped up in some later articles. She had her name “M.Riimaste” and the town name “Haapsalu” printed on Swiss watches in Switzerland; it was kind of a marketing thing at the time. But the mystery by the name of “Eltoona” – a vintage women’s watch, still remains unsolved. It only links to Estonian antique sales when googled. The name does have an Estonian feel to it, yet there is no reference to its origin inside the watch itself nor does it appear on the internet. So, until any solid facts or breaking leads emerge, Aegaon will hold its position.


The idea of Aegaon was sparked by “The King” Elvis Presley himself merely because he wore a huge wristwatch in the video “Always On My Mind”. Much like the “Eltoona”, no information can be found on this gigantic timepiece. So, Janno Roodi, the creator of the Aegaon watch company set about absorbing all the knowledge available online to realize his own vision of the perfect watch in 2012. It was named “Peacemaker65” which was followed by "Tabula Rasa" a few years later. With the help of friends Kristjan Rabi and Veljo Viikant, Aegaon has reached over 80 000 followers on social media and customers from over 19 countries. While Estonia has become sort of a Silicon Valley of startups, Aegaon has intentionally kept its distance from the movement and investors, just to be in charge of every decision and detail. The ultimate goal is to start a tradition, that could one day be carried on by our children and grandchildren.